How to use modern underwater search and recovery equipment effectively is a matter of know how.

The systems offered by us are generally maintenance-free and easy to handle. However, a professional introduction to and training on the equipment is advisable in order to guarantee a correct usage which is conform to the system. In the end, a successful operation is what matters most.

The performance indicators matched with strategies of implementation have priority.

How does a team manage to successfully narrow down an operation area? How does the team proceed when this is done? Which outcomes can the user expect and where are hidden risks which make the whole expedition ineffective?

This and more is taught in our trainings units where we provide the know-how of the technical basics as well as the actual usage of the equipment itself based on the current knowledge of each trainee.

Our experience in teaching at Universities and trainings for action forces qualifies us to advice you ideally in your specific purposes.

Besides our current courses we are more than happy to offer you a designed course for your unique purposes! Call us!

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GPS supported shipping and positioning of operational vessels PDF
Side Scan Sonar basics PDF
Advanced Side Scan Sonar course PDF
ROV basics
Advanced ROV course PDF
Tactical Operations coursePDF