Requirements for a healthy environment and an intact biosphere water are:

  • Basic research
  • Gathering of water data
  • Cleaning of pollution
  • Monitoring and surveillance

Our technology allows us to:

  • Mapping
  • Plotting and filming waters
  • Fast clarification of the situation – also in the case of disaster
  • Substantial estimation of sources of danger

The equipment used are in all respects environmently friendly, are operated on electricity and do not involve any sources of danger such as fuels and lubricants or other toxic substances.

Besides operations to determine earth movements in the littoral zone we also have constributed important information to research and the preservation of clean waters via filming bacteria strains, under water vegetation, fish populations and foreign objects.

Beyond that we closely work together with companies such as aquaterris who actively help to preserve the vital commoditiy of water via their research and development work for our future generations.