Our world can live without oil deposits but without water everything dies. In the foreseeable future protecting and preserving our drinking and non-potable water will be one of the most important tasks of our society. Plenty of unpolluted water, the way we know in the Alps, will be a thing of the past.

With the help of tools/equipment such as Side Scan Sonar and ROV water reservoirs, harbors, ports and important waterways can be mapped, surveyed and rectified of foreign substances.
The strategic integration of this modern technique allows for its flexible use – not bound locally and useable within a short period of time.

This equipment also opens up a new dimension in under water forensics. It largely minimizes risks for action forces and reduces the human factor under water.

Besides the active operations and various other projects we also offer our clients consulting and concept´s-development which are custom-built and designed to the needs.

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