Specifications and prices for the Model

RB 300

ROV dimensions Length 420 mm
Width 320 mm
Height 280 mm
Incl. manipulator Length 500 mm
ROV weight app. 8,5 kg
Depth rating
200 m
Propulsion vertical motors 2x (1,35 kg/each)
horizontal motors 2x (1,35 kg/each)
lateral motor 1x (1,35 kg)
propellers and guards 60 mm diameter
speed 0-1,54m/sec or 0-3 Kts
Operating temperatur
in water 0°- 30° C
Tether (umbilical) Length 220 m
Diameter 7,3 mm
Type neutral bouyonce
Operating temperatur in water 0°- 30° C
Cable reel with slip ring
ROV control unit and power supply
main supply
hand controller-joystick
sonar on/off switch
lights on/off switch
cable (umbilical)
2 RCA Video Out
RS 232
15 Zoll LED monitor
Elektric connector at ROV 4 pin-multi connector
power supply 220-240VAC 50Hz
tether voltage up to 450 VDC
power consumption without additional equipment 500 Watt
Construction hull synthetic materials
Light front lights 4x app. ~ 700-Lumen LED (10 Watt/ea.)
Front camera bw / color color
Resolution 600 lines
Light sensivity 0.3 Lux
Camera lense wide angle
Focus manually adjustable
Tilt angle 180°
Video format PAL Composite


Additional equipment (optional):

2 jaw manipulator: open/close/rotate
Sector Scanning Sonar ROVBUILDER RAY
Rear Camera
CYGNUS MINI ROV supersonic thickness gauge on request
USBL positioning system on request
TRITECH SONAR on request

Specifications of the manipulator:

Depth rating: 300 m
Maximum jaw opening: 82 mm
Maximum length: 390 mm
Diameter: 48 mm
Weight in air: 590 g
Weight in water: 200 g
Rotation: in both directions (360°)
Power supply: via ROV 24 V DC

Sector Scanning Sonar RovBuilder Ray Specifications:

Dimensions: H 74 mm x Ø 71 mm
Weight: 427g; in water: 200g
Operating temperatures: -10°C to +35°C (14°F to 95°F)
Frequency: 215 kHz
Opening angle: 6° vertical / 6° horizontal
Distance adjustments: from 2 m to 100 m
Scansector: adjustable (up to 360°)
Step speed: standard / fast
Special features: distance measuring, true acoustic zoom
Power supply: 12V – 36V
Data link: RS 232 115kb/s
Computer requirements: Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 compatible; PC or laptop. Seriel COM-port or USB


RB 300 Euro 14 500
Manipulator (2 jaws)
Euro 1 650
Sector Scanning Sonar Rovbuilder RAY N/A
Laser pointer Euro 450
Rear camera B/W Euro 750
2 days ROV pilot instructions at buyer´s location
Euro 2 400
add travel expenses, accomodation, food

Prices excl. VAT, custom taxes and shipping

Packaging shipping containers control unit in AMRE case
ROV& tether on reel in wooden crates
shipping weight 65 kg
Warranty limited warranty 2 years

Specifications and prices PDF download.

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The producer reserves the right to change specifications and prices without prior notice.

The RB 300 is a full-value ROV for inspections as well as for working under water. Its performance data speaks for itself! It beats all competitors of its class …