HP-GPS IP65 receiver

HP-GPS IP65 receiver

HP-GPS IP65 receiver

Specifications and prices for HP-GPS IP65 Receiver

DimensionsLength143 mm
Width130 mm
Height37 mm
Receiver Eclipse P206
Interface port USB Mini Typ A
Baud rate adjustable
Antenna port SMA connector
Power supply USB
Data format NMEA 1Hz, optional up to 20Hz
Construction  Case Alu/plastic
Power requirement 12 Volt
Type of protection IP 65
Configuration program PocketMAX4
Delivery with USB cable, w/o antenna


HP-GPS IP65€ 1730
HP-Antenna with magnetic mount€ 105
Antenne GPS + Glonass L1€ 450

Prices exl. VAT, custom taxes and shipping

Gewährleistunglimited 2 year warranty

Specifications and prices PDF download.

The producer reserves the right to change specifications and prices without prior notice.