Specifications and Prices: Side Scan Sonars

DeepVision 340kHz, 680 kHz, 680 SAR and Dual

Towfish dimensions Length 850 mm
Diameter 60 mm
Weight on land 9 kg
  Weight in water 6,7 kg
Depth rating   up to 100 m
Transducer Model 340D 2 x 340 kHz
  Model 680D 2 x 680 kHz
  Model 680SAR 2 x 680 kHz
  Model Dual 340/680 2 x 340/2 x 680 kHz
Opening angle 340 kHz Horizontal 0,9°
  Vertical 60°
Resolution 340D kHz   1.5 cm
Resolution 680D kHz   1.0 cm
Resolution 680 SAR kHz   0.5 cm
Resolution Dual 340/680
  1.5 cm/1.0 cm
Cable Length 200+ m
Diameter 6,3 mm
Type Cevlar
Construction Tow fish Stainless steel, PVC, Polyurethane
Cabel reel   with slip ring
Power supply   12 V
Software   DeepView LT or SE



Prices in Euro

DeepEye 340kHz DSSP DE340D Towfish 4 941
DeepEye 680kHz DSSP DE680D Towfish 5 882
DeepEye 680SAR         DE680SAR Towfish 8 235
DeepEye Dual 340/680 DE340/680 Towfish 9 412
Sonar Unit Dual 340/680 kHz HM 1 941
Transducers 340 Dif 2 043
Transducers 680 Dif 2 145
Depth logger Bluetooth 1 226

Deck unit

Surface unit 12 VDC/High Power    524/766
Sonar unit for 340kHz HM system 1 190
Sonar unit for 680kHz HM system 2 143


Hull mount cable 5m    204
Hull mount cable 15m    358
Cevlar cable 20m    952
Cevlar cable 50m 1 118
Cevlar cable 100m on cable reel and 5m deck cable 1 765
Cevlar cable 150m on cable reel and 5m deck cable 2 000
Cevlar cable 200m on cable reel and 5m deck cable 2 235
15m additonal deck cable      61


DeepView freeviewer 0
DeepView 4.xx LT 118
DeepView 4.xx Side Scan 706
DeepView 4.xx Depth 255
DeepView 4.xx Autopilot 118
DeepView 4.xx Pro                                                            annual fee 471

Transport case

Pelicase sonar    409


GPS    106
Hull mounting accessories (only for HM systems)    202

2 days of SSS training at buyer´s location

2 100 plus travel expenses, housing, accomodation

Prices excl. VAT, custom taxes and shipping


                 Limited warranty 2 years

Specifications and prices PDF download.

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Side Scan Sonars manufactured by the Swedish enterprise DeepVision are considered to be among the finest devices in their category and class. We have been working for more than 10 years with Side Scan Sonars from different manufacturers. But we have never worked with better price-performance ratio units than the ones built by DeepVision!

European inovation combined with highest quality standards guarantee excellent results even for less experienced crews!

Besides selling Side Scan Sonars we offer training courses for novices as well as professionals. Contact us!

The producer reserves the right to change specifications and prices without prior notice.